Everybody loves 3T ...

Eran Gat proposed one of the best known and most popular approaches to hybrid control: the Three Tier Architecture (3T) (Kortenkamp, 1998). As most hybrid control paradigms, 3T has a behavior layer, a sequencer and a deliberative layer. In 3T, algorithms are split into three categories: no memory, state-reflecting memory or state-based prediction alforithms, from more reactive to more deliberative components. Their function is the following:

-Memoriless algorithms inhabit the control components (skills)
-Memory-based algorithms inhabit the sequencer
-Predictive algorithms inhabit the deliberator

The main differences between 3T implementations lies in who really rules the system: reactive or deliberative layer (sequencer is always arbitrating :P). Dad, mom and kid in any combination! :D:D


James Marshall said...

I love the illustration! Small note: I believe his name is spelled with two n's. Strike that, in fact checking myself, I discovered that Erann Gat changed his name to Ron Garret (http://www.flownet.com/ron/eg-rg-faq.html).

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