JDErobots: play with everything

When one starts to play around with robots and needs to connect different widgets, it becomes painfully obvious that they were not designed to live together. Rather than code everything on our own, it is better to go for an Open GPL architecture that includes all the features that we need, like ROS. Or, even better, for one that makes widgets get along with each other, despite whatever architecture we've been working with. This is what JDErobot does for you.

JDErobot is a software development suite for robotics, home-automation and computer vision applications. These domains include sensors (for instance, cameras), actuators, and intelligent software in between. JDErobot has been designed to help in programming such intelligent software. Currently in its version 5.0, it supports multiprocessing and intermachine communication via ICE. Also, it integrates many toys to play with our robot, from Wiimote to Player or X10.

There are many applications working on JDErobot that can be visited in the Projects area. Now the only thing it needs is a flashy logo!


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