The fiction of reality

Robotics evolution has had its ups and downs along human history, yet it obviously shows patterns here and there. While people remained optimistic about the posibilities of creating artificial life even after we all read Frankenstein, most researchers in the field found it obvious that current hardware may create anything from a giant rubber skinned T-Rex to a blood flow navigating nanobot. However, software was a completely different thing. At most, we could create something that seemed intelligent to the casual observer, like Eliza, but, would robots ever become aware of themselves? Maybe the right term up to this point is that we can create smart robots and even get them to evolve to achieve new behaviors that would be, nevertheless, severely limited. In any case, it seems that the best we can get is, naturally, a function of available technology and computational power. However, is necessarily this search for the best possible robot the silver lining of robotics evolution?

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